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Perfect for dispensaries. Also, perfect for the patient grower with limited space. This all new propagation center comes complete with an aeroponics system and soil or rockwool shelving perfect for all stages of propagation of all sizes of cuttings, clones and plants. We offer this system with many options and custom built for all sizes of rooms. Inquire about our propagation center today and let “The Clone Guys” show you true success and efficiency all on one unit.

The light fixtures are adjustable to allow for growth of the plants.  The plants can be removed from the irrigation tubes while in their base cup and moved to the next stage where they will be vegging, then flowering in the flowering rack.


This unit was developed specifically for home (Basement etc…) use. It can be attached to the wall and supply electricity enough for lights, pumps, fans, timers, meters, etc. This unit hooks up to its own designated breakers. One line is dedicated specifically for lights and timer; the other for floor-mounted units. The 110v outlets on the floor are in a waterproof container.


· Mechanical timer (more reliable and repairable than electric)

· Four light plug-ins (4 – 600 watt fixtures or 3 – 1,000 watt fixtures)

· Two 20 amp sites on board

· Four 20 amp sites in waterproof box with 14-foot electric extension cord.

· Lights are on separate breaker than chiller, fans and pumps.

· 20” high x 16“ wide standard wall mount.

· Lightweight and portable to transport

· 40A, Timer, Electric, Heavy Duty External On/Off Switch, 3 On/Off Tripper Sets Included, Double Pole, Single Throw, 10,000W, 250V.

AERO 26.

“The Clone Guys”  Aero 26

Aeroponics System

This unit was specifically designed by The Clone Guys crew. We strive to create the best quality and most efficient products in the industry. While there are many variables in growing this piece of equipment is a must. This is one of The Clone Guys premier products. The Clone Guys Aeroponics system, 26-site version is the best and most accelerated vegetative machine in the industry. If you’re using a square shaped grow light hood, the Aero 26 will be your best choice. Years of using many products and systems this is by far the most efficient and productive available.

The Aero 26 Aeroponics System gives you three 9-foot growing chambers, each with nine plant sites. Its’ a good choice for growing smaller crops such as lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, basil, and many other herbs. Also works well for varieties of flowers and tomatoes, which do not grow more than three feet tall.

The AeroFlo 26 has laser sprayers, which assure maximum spray coverage-, directed at every individual root zone to super-oxygenate the nutrient solution, which delivers the perfect ratio of oxygen, water, and nutrient levels to the root zone.

You can control the nutrient solution depth in the grow chambers to create the ideal mix of moisture to aeration according to your plants’ growth stage. For seedlings and plant cuttings, keep the solution deeper. Once your garden starts to mature, utilize the NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) / aeration for best results.

The AeroFlo 26 includes:

· 30-gallon Reservoir

· Three 9-foot Grow Troughs

· NFT with Aeration

· Submersible pump (370 GPH)

· Adjustable Support Structure (no schimming!)

· 3″ Grow Cups with Net Pots

· Hydroton Growing Medium

· The Clone Guys Nutrient Kit




Check back with The Clone Guys occasionally as we are launching many new products and equipment specific to the grower.